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The 6 Figure Flipper With Matt Aitchison - Learn From World Class Investors on Flipping Houses, Buying Rentals & Wholesaling

Apr 16, 2018

Tucker is the Owner and Head Acquisitions & Finance Manager for TTM Development Company. He began his career in the Real Estate business back in 2002 as a Top Producing Mortgage loan officer, and then by 2004 he built his own Mortgage Company TTM Finance, LLC & Davis Financial which is still in operation today. In 2008 Tucker began building TTM Development Company from the ground up, and presently he is in charge of daily operations, Investor Relations, project financing and all new acquisitions for the company.


What you will get out of this interview:


How did Tucker go about finding his first deal? (9:10)


What are some of the three things Tucker sees with new investors where they just don’t know what they don’t know. (19:35)


What are some of the common strategies that are working for Tucker with tracking down deals. (21:50)


What does Tucker say to the new investors regarding their mindset. (29:19)


How has mentors, advisors and a community around Tucker helped him in his growth. (32:50)


What is the best real estate investor book, tool or resource every investor should have in their arsenal. (38:30)


Tucker’s best piece of real estate investing advice for any investor in any space. (40:10)



Real estate was the great wide open, it was a place where average dudes and gals can go and make a lot of money.


I need to be in control of my lead flow, my deal flow and ultimately my financial destiny.


Direct mail has been the biggest driver of our deal flow since about 2010.  


There are a lot of people that throw out the 4 hour work week mentality for Real Estate and yeah you can get there someday, but someday is not in the beginning of that track.  


Ultimately this is a people business.  Houses are just the product but main thing behind everything is the people.  


Be consistent.  I know people that aren’t that smart and they aren’t the best, but they win.  They win because they are consistent.


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