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The 6 Figure Flipper With Matt Aitchison - Learn From World Class Investors on Flipping Houses, Buying Rentals & Wholesaling

Jul 30, 2018

Text Summary:

Today we are joined by Jake Harris.  Jake is one of the most experienced investors we’ve had on our show with over 1000 real estate transactions to date.  In this interview we will learn about how to evaluate and execute deals in out of state markets, how to find reliable contractors and

why if you are a new investor it is so important to get in the game now.



Jake Harris is a real estate investor with experience in almost every area of construction and development.  In 2003, Mr. Harris was involved in commercial construction as an estimator, superintendent, and later project manager. He was running millions of dollars of commercial property retrofits for clients including Equity Office Properties (EOP) in the Sacramento region and San Francisco Bay Area. He managed first-hand the value added process of acquiring below-market properties to re-position them with cost-effective remodels.


In 2014 Jake co-founded Harris Bay, a real estate investment firm.  Over the years of investment management, Jake has been responsible for $200M+ across 100s of transactions. While working with several top Family offices and institutional investment firms like Invitation Homes, Tricon, Colony Capital and Wedgewood.


What you will learn:


What were some of the biggest mistakes you make early on that new investors just starting out can learn from your experience? (21:01)


How did Jake rebound from the tough times in the beginning? (23:45)


What are the 3 buckets where Jake looks to invest? (31:40)


If an investor is looking to invest out of state how does Jake recommend they analyze that market.  (34:10)


What is a target return for Jake on one of his flips? (38:28)


What channels is currently Jake using to generate leads in outside markets? (40:40)


How is Jake sourcing contractors for his out of state deals? (43:38)


How much initial due diligence does Jake do on an out of state deal?  (50:55)


What are some red flags that will make Jake pass on a potential deal? (55:35)


What is Jake’s view on the current real estate market and where there will be opportunity going forward. (1:01:55)


Why is it so important to get in the game now rather than wait for the next downturn? (1:05:50)




“If you haven’t had any failures you aren’t trying hard enough.”


“You have to have that mindset that you can do and learn anything.”


“I don’t know another real estate investor that is not willing to help another one out.”


“The path to where you want to be, there’s going to be some pain along the way.”



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