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The 6 Figure Flipper With Matt Aitchison - Learn From World Class Investors on Flipping Houses, Buying Rentals & Wholesaling

Jul 9, 2018

Text Summary:

Today we are joined by Matt Theriault, a full time real estate investor in California.  In today’s interview Matt will tell us how he set up teams to invest in out of state markets, how diversifying with notes has brought balance to his business and what areas within real estate investing carry the most risk.  



Matt is USMC veteran who entered the music industry after leaving the military.  With the creation of free Music streaming Matt watched his business disappear overnight.  However this turned out to be a blessing as Matt then ventured into Real Estate investing and has never looked back.


Currently Matt hosts the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast, which is in its 9th year.  He also controls a real estate portfolio that consist of roughly 50 investment properties as well as 50 notes.  Blessed beyond belief Matt now spends a lot of his time writing and teaching others on real estate investing through mentorship and his podcast.  


What you will learn:


What did Matt’s first deal look like? (6:30)


What was Matt’s mentality going forward after his first deal? (9:40)


As a new investor what were some of the biggest challenges Matt faced with growing his RE business? (11:50)


According to Matt where are the biggest areas of risk in Real Estate? (12:59)


When investing out of state what are some of the key points an investor needs to take into account? (20:05)


What is Matt using for lead generation? (25:08)


What financing method is Matt using for his deals? (27:00)


What is the 3 option letter of intent? (27:50)


What are the biggest future challenges investors will face moving forward? (34:30)




“Real Estate… It’s the final frontier where the average person has a legitimate shot at creating real wealth.”


“Find a good deal and the money will follow.”


“Real estate is safe, it’s the people that are risky.”


“Good people in a mediocre market can make it fantastic market. Bad people in a good market can make it a disaster.”


“Relationships have hands down been the most profitable investment I made in my business.  Human currency goes a long way in real estate.”


“Leverage as much as you can to build your passive income.”


“Everyone can do this (RE Investing), but not everyone will.  There lies the opportunity.”



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