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The 6 Figure Flipper With Matt Aitchison - Learn From World Class Investors on Flipping Houses, Buying Rentals & Wholesaling

May 21, 2018

As Nebraska's #1 Team, Jeff's group sold over 100 million dollars in real estate and over 700 homes in 2017. Jeff works as the Owner and Team Leader and is engaged in team development, coaching and recruiting. He believes in saving client's time and money by implementing the most advanced marketing techniques available while applying the latest negotiating strategies.

Jeff grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, with his course of study including classes in real estate.

What you will learn:
How does Jeff run all his businesses and still find time to be a present parent? (9:15)

What does Jeff do to successfully get in the “inner circle” of high profile people? (11:55)

What made Jeff want to first jump into the Real Estate space? (15:50)

Looking back what are the most important things Jeff implemented in his businesses to have them thrive and grow? (22:19)

What were the challenges Jeff faced going from the operator of the business to a leader and manager of the business? (25:27)

What were some of the most important things Jeff needed to do to scale his business? (28:37)

As his businesses grows and expands what is required of Jeff? (34:24)


“You have to have systems and a foundation so that you can inspect what you expect.”

“Seek knowledge from those who have experienced it and created it, you don’t always need to fail forward.”

“If someone else would come in to review your business, as the CEO would they promote you, demote you or fire you?”

“It’s not about the money, it’s about being the best we can be.”

“What got you to where you are today will not be the thing that gets you to where you want to be tomorrow.”

“Who is affected if your business fails or does not make it?”

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