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The 6 Figure Flipper With Matt Aitchison - Learn From World Class Investors on Flipping Houses, Buying Rentals & Wholesaling

Apr 9, 2018

Joe Fairless is the Host of the Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice Podcast and an active investor in Multi-Family housing.

In this episode, Joe and I talk about:

-The importance of resident retention and how it can prevent the number one expense that investors experience
-How to emphasize your strengths and the benefits it will bring to your business
-What to do for better understanding of your strengths and how to apply it to your specific area of practice
-The power of delegating and great systems within a business model
-Joe’s top recommendations for how to successfully scale your company
-The impact that your health has on your work performance
-What to do in order to grow yourself to your full potential
-Pros and cons of turn-key investments according to Joe
-Exploring different models of increasing cash flow as an investor
-The top takeaways from interviews that Joe has done on his podcast
-Joe’s advice for female investors

and so much more!

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Matt Aitchison is a 7-figure real estate investor, millennial entrepreneur, speaker and educator. Matt hosts the Millionaire Mindcast, a top ranked motivational podcast focused on helping individuals from around the globe grow their wealth while living a life of fulfillment far beyond what dollars can buy.