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The 6 Figure Flipper With Matt Aitchison - Learn From World Class Investors on Flipping Houses, Buying Rentals & Wholesaling

Mar 18, 2018

Today we are joined by Brandon Turner, co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast.  Starting out with no money or experience, Brandon built his portfolio one property at a time to currently owning over 50 rental properties.  In this show he’ll discuss how to creatively put deals together, the perfect mindset for real estate investing and one investing strategy he focuses on today.   


About Brandon:

While working for $8 an hour Brandon sold his first home for a small profit.  After that first transaction Brandon became infatuated with the notion of selling real estate for a profit and started house hacking and buying single family rental properties.  With a current portfolio of over 50 rental properties Brandon is an expert at creatively finding and financing real estate deals.


Now a full time investor Brandon also is the co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast and is the author of three Real Estate investment books “The Book on Rental Property Investing”, “The Book on Managing Rental Properties” and “The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down”.  


What you will learn:


Why did Brandon start with flipping houses? (5:50)


What was Brandon’s biggest challenge first starting out and how did he overcome it? (8:00)


What does Brandon tell everyone who thinks Real Estate is a “get rich quick” opportunity? (11:35)


What are some of the best tools and resources Brandon leverages for his investing business? (15:39)


What are the top priorities for any new flipper just starting out in their business? (18:24)


Now that he is interviewing some great real estate investors on a daily basis, what are some of Brandon’s biggest “ah-ha” moments of the past year? (24:17)


What does Brandon’s investment team look like? (26:44)


What advice does Brandon have for new investors about putting deals together? (29:24)


What is the BRRRR strategy? (30:26)


What is the one piece of advice Brandon would give to anyone to become a consistent 6 figure flipper? (35:26)



“I think I was making $8 an hour when I bought my first house.”


“Poor people say I can’t afford it, rich people ask how can I afford it?”


“When you focus on the process and commit for an extended period of time the results take care of themselves.”


“I have continually invested in a peak market and down market, but my underwriting became that much more important.”


“Once you have the knowledge you can do it again and again and again, nobody can take that from me.”



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